You Can Win A $12K McDonald's Big Mac Ring! (Photos)


Have you ever wondered what a diamond-encrusted Big Mac would look like? It looks like this.

The 18-karat-gold stackable ring set, called the "Bling Mac," is McDonald's special way of celebrating Valentine's Day while applauding its 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. Sure, it's gratuitous, outrageous, and gaudy, but it does a good job of honoring iconic Big Mac burgers in the same way we have come to associate the beloved sandwich -- big and flashy.

Plus, this offer, which comes to us in time for a romantic time of year, gives fast-food diners the perfect ring to pop the question.

Created by jeweler Nadine Ghosn, the "Bling Mac" -- stylized as "~*bLiNg MaC*~" -- is designed with the Big Mac in mind, down to the details: diamond-studded seeds, bejeweled patties, and orange sapphire Special Sauce. Although the name dictates otherwise, this bling-bling is not mere costume jewelry. Ghosn's fast-food accessory, which goes for $12,500, is as much as an engagement ring! But a lucky winner will get it free.

From now through Valentine's Day, fans can tweet their "vows of love" to McDonald's Twitter account with the tag "#BlingMacContest." The winner with the most creative, romantic, clever love letter to Big Macs will be the receiver of the custom bling.

The ring's designer, Ghosn, has created jewelry for big celebrities such as Beyonce and Pink. Her jewelry is recognizable in that they share a similar design aesthetic: They all look like food. You can find a whole collection of diamond-encrusted sushi charms, fast-food cufflinks, edamame earrings, all worth at least $600. Her designs are heavy in pop culture, which makes her the Andy Warhol of jewelry.

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The Bling Mac ring, designed exclusively for McDonald's, was inspired by Ghosn's original Hamburger ring made with the same caliber of gaudiness--18 karat gold bun, diamond sesames, yellow and white gold cheese, ketchup rubies, and a brown diamond meat patty -- at a mere $8,800. The McDonald's version, in comparison, has seven layers, but who's really counting when you've got a diamond ring resembling a $4 sandwich.

So when they say "All that glitter is not gold," it's true. It's cheese, too.

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